Last Edited : Apr 16, 2022

An Overview of TextOps Principles

Collaboration has broken down silos between teams and processes. But, text operations have generally stayed the same as we progress into the modern era of collaboration. Inconsistency, repetitive typing, logging, lack of reusability at scale or frequency is generally overlooked as sustainable practices, culture and tools are still evolving. Efficient organizations are pioneering TextOps principles and breaking down barriers that kept them in-efficient previously.

TextOps == Text Operations

The goal of TextOps is to allow you to gain efficiency in operations, reduce risks and foster collaboration.
These TextOps princinples are true for anyone, whether you are:

  1. An individual.
  2. Anyone who works in a small team or organization.
  3. Anyone who works in a large team or organization.
  4. Leaders who manage individual contributors or teams and are trying to transform their organization.

A Better Approach to Text Operations: TextOps

With TextOps, you get the cultural drive to increase collaboration and automation between management and individual contributors.

Automation is the cornerstone of TextOps, but the cultural adoption of TextOps is unique in the sense that unlike most Ops related movements, TextOps is bottom-up and top-down encouraging growth across all operational tiers, unlocking opportunities that traditional single dimensional techniques fail to achieve.

TextOps is a Work in Progress

We have spent a decade improving text operations across industries. And, laying down teh foundation for TextOps is the scalable way to push the adoption of scalable text operations that every modern team should adopt.

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