Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Features, limitations, pricing comparison

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Features, limitations, pricing comparison

For anyone trying to decide between Typeit4me and TextExpander, this blog post will help you make the right choice. We are going to evaluate and compare Typeit4me vs TextExpander based on:

  • General information
  • Top features
  • Platform supported
  • Pricing
  • Reviews

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - General Information

Typeit4me and TextExpander both have been facilitating text shortcuts for more than a decade now. The primarily allow users to insert text templates through keyboard shortcuts.

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Top features

Before we dive deeper into the discussion, let’s first evaluate the top features that you should know about while comparing Typeit4me and TextExpander.

Top TextExpander features:

  • Integration with other apps and services.
  • Share the snippets (templates) with your team
  • Manage permissions for who can edit or use your snippets (templates)
  • Placeholder fields that you can customize as you write
  • Clipboard content access
  • Nest multiple snippets (templates) together
  • Signature support
  • Date and time insertion
  • HTML and CSS support

Top Typeit4me features:

  • Abbreviations
  • Typo correction
  • Date insertion
  • Sync your Typeit4me templates with iCloud
  • Autocue - insert placeholder fields to customize as you write
  • Applescript support

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Platform Support Availability

TextExpander currently supports the following platforms:

  • Chrome
  • Linux - not available
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacOSX
  • Windows

Typeit4me currently supports:

  • MacOSX
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Linux - not available

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Pricing

TextExpander pricing: TextExpander’s license for a single user is $3.33 per month. TextExpander’s license for a team size of 9 is $8.33 per user per month. TextExpander license for a team size of 10-50 is $10.33 per user per month For team size more than 50, TextExpander offers custom pricing.

Typeit4me pricing: Typeit4me license for a single user is $19.99 per month If you are updating from an older version, you will need to pay $8.99 per user per month. You can expect a 20-70% off for bulk licenses. Which means, you can expect to pay $6-$16 per user per month.

Typeit4me vs TextExpander - Reviews

TextExpander ratings:

  • iTunes - iOS app ratings - 2.7/5
  • Chrome store - 3.4/5

Typeit4me’s ratings:

  • iTunes - Mac OSX app - 3.5/5

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