Text Blaze vs TextExpander: Top features, pricing, uses and much more.

Comparing Text Blaze vs TextExpander? We understand that it is hard to test out both products and make a comparison, that’s why we did it for you.

In this blog post, we will show you all differences between Text Blaze and TextExpander to make sure you can make the right choice.

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To get started, let’s first check the top features that separate those two.

Text Blaze vs TextExpander - Top Feature Comparison

Text Blaze has the following top features:

  • Create a snippet on the cloud and insert it anywhere on the web browser.
  • Define form fields that can be either short or long text fields and customize them as you go.
  • Clipboard functionality that allows you to fetch clipboard content and use it inside your snippets.
  • Easy to write elements like checklists or toggle options that allow you to make it very easy to insert text.
  • Mathematics - you can define formulas within your snippets and it will automatically calculate as you go.
  • If-else statements within snippets - with Text Blaze, you can define if-else statements and your snippet’s content will be dynamically changed based on your inputs.
  • Parse text - you can write functions to select a part of text or input and use that in your snippet’s content dynamically.
  • Share your snippet with anyone you like.
  • Organization features that allow you to share and manage snippet sharing with organization-wide users.
  • Collaborate with your team members on snippets and leave comments.

TextExpander has the following top features in comparison:

  • Create a snippet and insert it anywhere on the web browser (using Chrome extension).
  • Create a snippet and insert it anywhere on web or desktop apps (using the Desktop app).
  • Add form fields to your snippets and add text to them as you write.
  • Pull information from the clipboard and use it.
  • Share your snippets with your team.
  • Create your organization and invite your team members to it.

Text Blaze vs TextExpander - Use Cases

Who uses Text Blaze and where? Text Blaze is being used by customer support, teachers, sales and other similar teams to insert snippets on platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, live chat softwares, etc.

Who uses TextExpander and where? TextExpander is used by a range of professionals from customer support, teachers, sales staff, developers, case managers, etc. As TextExpander has both desktop, mobile and a Chrome extension - it can be used anywhere be it desktop apps or web apps.

Text Blaze vs TextExpander - Limitations

Some limitations of Text Blaze:

  • Text Blaze cannot be used on Desktop apps.
  • Text Blaze doesn’t work well with Facebook.
  • Text Blaze can malfunction if there are other conflicting Chrome extensions installed on your browser.

Some limitations of TextExpander:

  • TextExpander’s Chrome extension is very buggy and doesn’t work as intended.
  • TextExpander’s Chrome extension doesn’t work on Google drive.
  • TextExpander lacks usability compared to Text Blaze.

Text Blaze vs TextExpander - Pricing

Text Blaze’s pricing:

  • Basic plan is free
  • Pro plan costs $2.99/month
  • Business plan costs $6.99/mont
  • Enterprise pricing is not available

TextExpander’s pricing:

  • There are no free plans, but TextExpander has a trial plan.
  • Individual plan is $3.33/month; annually costs $39.96
  • Business plan is $8.33/month; annually costs $99.96
  • Growth plan is $10.83 per month; annually costs $129.96
  • Similar to Text Blaze, they provide custom quotes for enterprise plans

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