103 Report Card Comments For Average Students | Average Student Remark Examples

Writing report card comments for average students is the most difficult as an average student often shows some very good skills while also performing poorly in some areas.

To help teachers keep the motivation of their students high, we have compiled some well balanced examples of report card remarks for average students that you can use.

23 Generic Report Card Remarks for Average students

  1. {student name} has shown good progress in overall performance in the class which is commendable. Keep up the good work!
  2. {student name} has a record of scoring consistently in all {his/her} subjects as well as extra curricular activities. You can definitely do even better next year. Good luck!
  3. {student name} has performed well throughout the session especially in theoretical parts, {he/she} is very close to performing just as well in the practicals. Great work!
  4. {student name} progress in {area/subject} is impressive. A little more effort in {area/subject} will do {him/her} a great favour as {he/she} may be considered for {a competition/ a program}. Good luck!
  5. {student name} has performed really well in the class and the hard work {he/she} has put into it is commendable. Great work!
  6. {student name} really loves practical work and has shown great effort and excellent results in the experiments performed during class. Keep up the good work!
  7. {student name} has very well balanced her efforts towards course work and extracurricular activities. {His/Her} organisation skills are remarkable.
  8. {student name} is a very well organised student, always completed course work in time and is always attentive in the class. A perfect student!
  9. {student name} is a high energy student and manages to perform well in class while being enrolled in plenty of other activities in school. Well organised student. Keep it up!
  10. {student name} is an exemplary student as {he/she} participates in various activities ranging from debates to sports while managing to get good scores on the course subjects. {He/She} is an all-rounder student. We’re proud to have you in our school.
  11. {student name} is a joyful student and is really great with {his/her} friends. {He/she} participates in individual and group activities keeping a very good conduct towards {his/her} peers. {He/She} is a great company to work with.
  12. {student name} works best individually as {he/she} is a little timid but really well behaved. With some effort {he/she} can accommodate well with the groups to collaborate and perform within teams. Overall a very good student. Good luck!
  13. {student name} is an organised, well mannered student and takes every task at hand seriously and always finds a way to collaborate with and help other students in class and in projects. Great attitude, very lively student. Good luck!
  14. {student name} spends most of {his/her} time on projects that {he/she} likes the most and performs excellently while managing to score average marks on other subjects. Overall a good student, inculcating some time management skills may prove to be beneficial in the long-term. Good luck!
  15. {student name} is a talented student and consistently seeks opportunities to learn new things. {His/Her} scores in the exam may be average, but {he/she} has deep knowledge in the subject matter. Good luck!
  16. {student name} is a team player and performs best within team settings and practical work such as science experiments. Some effort on the theory part will be great for {his/her} final exam reports.
  17. {student name} has performed consistently well throughout the year but looking at {his/her} talents and capabilities, I’m sure {he/she} can do much more. {He/She} is a talented student, with some nurturing, {he/she} can find success in whatever {he/she} choses to do.
  18. {student name} is a good overall performer in class, {he/she} will gain a lot in terms of social skills via participation in cocurricular activities in the school. Participation in the activity of choice will be a step forward. Good luck!
  19. {student name} is a super active student and is known in the entire school for active participation in sports and other activities. His performance in class has been consistent so far and with some extra efforts he’ll be able to do equally well in all spheres.
  20. {student name} participates in sports and other co curricular activities frequently and shows active participation in every class. Overall a good student. Keep it up!
  21. {student name} has good knowledge depth in all areas that {he/she} prefers to focus on but {he/she} can do much better with some prioritisation and equal distribution of time among the subjects {he/she} has undertaken. Good Work!
  22. {student name} has shown great improvement in some areas during the year. {His/her} efforts are commendable. With consistent efforts {he/she} would be among the top 10 performers in the class. Great work!
  23. {student name} has focused {his/her} efforts on all areas mentioned in her last report card and has performed very well in all of them. This is excellent work and very commendable. We’re proud to have you!

20 Communication Skills Report Card Comments for Average Students

  1. {student name} has good command of spoken as well as written communication skills. Next steps could be vocabulary enriching activities.
  2. {student name} can express her thoughts well, but finds it difficult to connect ideas in class presentations. Could work on using connectors.
  3. {student name} has found {his/her} voice in poetry and that is an engaging way to learn better. {He/She} may also read novels right for {his/her} age.
  4. {student name} has good command over written communication but lacks fluidity in spoken language. Could work on spoken language skills by joining spoken language class at school.
  5. {student name} understands and does good written communication but struggles to spell some words correctly. Attending pronunciation sessions would help.
  6. {student name} speaks fluently but makes grammatical mistakes in {his/her} speech. Grammar lessons are important and therefore I suggest joining the course for a month to work on it.
  7. {student name} seems to find difficulty in transitioning between forms of words such as verb to noun form. Overall communication skills are good.
  8. {student name} spoken communication is very good but written communication shows grammatical errors. Could put some effort into the concerned topics to fix this problem.
  9. {student name} makes minor errors in writing while {his/her} spoken communication skills are very good.
  10. {student name} faces difficulty in clearly pronouncing the words but doesn’t make grammatical errors. Practising the pronunciation in a pronunciation specific class would be helpful.
  11. {student name} good command over the language. Generally speaks and writes simple sentences only, needs to use more compound and complex sentences in {his/her} writing assignments.
  12. {student name} uses high level vocabulary with some mistakes and makes use of complex sentences but with some errors in formation. Working on sentence structure should be helpful.
  13. {student name} communicates well in general conversations but could do better in presentation when describing examples or stories. Working on story-telling skills will help in developing narration skills.
  14. {student name} is generally a good communicator when it comes to writing letters and articles as well as in general speaking. {He/She} faces difficulty in adapting to conversations in uncertain situations. Vocabulary building could be the next step here.
  15. {student name} is a fast learner and therefore has learned to speak as well as write much before {his/her} peers but makes mistakes with verbs and tenses. Slowing down to revise these lessons will be good for {him/her.
  16. {student name} shows variety in vocabulary usage, generally writes simple and complex sentences without mistakes but needs to work on sentence formation.
  17. {student name} has shown good speaking skills while presenting in class, {his/her} writing skills are good too with occasional grammar mistakes.
  18. {student name} is a fast learner and has quickly recognised sentence structures in both speaking and writing communication skills. {He/She} makes occasional mistakes which aren’t a major problem. Overall good performance.
  19. {student name} performs well in exams where the topics are familiar but the performance slightly lowers every time when the topics are unfamiliar. Needs to practise by reading articles and books on diverse topics.
  20. {student name} follows all the punctuation rules, {he/she} plays by the rules and has therefore shown good continuous learning and progress.

20 Performance Report Card Comments for Average students

  1. {student name}’s performance has been consistently improving in (subject} while {he/she} has a good command over other subjects.
  2. {student name} has shown remarkable achievements and improvement in areas where {he/she} had below average performance in the past year.
  3. {student name} has done well on all subjects including theory and practical course work. Keep up the good work!
  4. {student name} has a very good track record of above average performance throughout the year in both academic and co curricular activities. Bravo!
  5. {student name} readily takes up challenges to learn via experimentation. {He/She} loves practical lessons and that is {his/her} strength. Overall good performance. Well done!
  6. {student name} is a regular student and {his/her} assignments are always complete and course work is up-to-date. {He/She} is a consistent performer in all spheres.
  7. {student name} works best independently and is often helpful to peers.
  8. {student name} is a confident and courteous student. {He/She} frequently exceeds expectations in the subjects of {his/her} interest.
  9. {student name} loves to work with peers in groups and is very helpful to everyone around.
  10. {student name} is a focused student who always completes {his/her} homework before class and is very supportive of {his/her} peers.
  11. {student name} is a team player and always seeks opportunities to collaborate and work in groups. {He/She} frequently comes up with very good projects and ideas to work on.
  12. {student name} is an individual performer. {His/Her} best work is reflected in {his/her} personal projects and individual assignments.
  13. {student name} is an energetic student and is always in high spirits that is visible in {his/her} initiatives for collaborative work within the class.
  14. {student name} is a very disciplined student, always on time in class, always completes course work in time and often takes initiative to learn new skills.
  15. {student name} has performed consistently well in all exams during the year. Good work!
  16. {student name} has maintained an overall good academic performance while being very active in extracurricular activities. Good work!
  17. {student name} has done very well in sports this year while keeping a good academic record. Well done!
  18. {student name} is an all-rounder student. {He/She} takes as much interest in sports and co curricular activities as in {his/her} academic coursework.
  19. {student name} is especially good in {subjects) while performing well in other subjects {he/she} has undertaken.
  20. {student name} has shown remarkable performance in projects undertaken while maintaining a good overall academic performance.

20 Extra Curricular Activities Report Card Comments for Average students

  1. {student name} has participated in various activities this year and {his/her} performance is commendable.
  2. {student name} has sufficiently met {his/her} yearly non-academic participation goals through engagements in various activities.
  3. {student name} has participated in multiple sports activities as well as theatre and music. Such diversity shows {his/her} talents in different spheres. Great job!
  4. {student name} is especially interested in sports and {his/her} performance in football has been improving by the day due to the regular practice sessions {he/she} attends. Good work throughout the year.
  5. {student name} has participated in theatre and music classes and has been regular at practice. {His/her} performance has been consistent and good throughout the year.
  6. {student name} loves sports and is doing very well in volleyball and football practice matches. I would encourage {him/her} to consider participating in one of the artistic activities such as theatre, music, arts, social service etc.
  7. {student name} has been very involved in community service which is great but I encourage {him/her} to also consider sports in co-curricular activities to build a healthier lifestyle.
  8. {student name} has shown good diversity in participation in extracurricular activities. {He/she} frequently exceeds our expectations.
  9. {student name} heavily participates in sports activities. {He/She} is doing well in all the sports activities undertaken. Good work!
  10. {student name} has undertaken a good range of activities to engage {himself/ herself} in and has been very consistent in {his/her} efforts. Good job!
  11. {student name} participated in a few selective activities from different domains, but has performed well in all of them. {He/she} knows what {he/she} really enjoys. Good work!
  12. {student name} has shown participation in various extracurricular activities and seems to aim at learning them all at a basic to average level. I would encourage {him/her} to be more involved in some of the activities.
  13. {student name} actively participates in activities from different domains and generally performs well. Continue the good work!
  14. {student name} performs well when {he/she} participates, but the participation is limited to 50% of the time. I would encourage {him/her} to participate more actively and form a habit around it.
  15. {student name} participates often in sports activities and also enjoys taking music and arts lessons. Overall, {he/she} is involved in a good mix of activities.
  16. {student name} is an active participant in theatre shows at school. {He/she} puts great effort into {his/her} character. Very admirable performances throughout the year.
  17. {student name} is very active and energetic. {He/she} has participated in various sports activities including swimming and football and has performed very well. {He/she} is a good sport.
  18. {student name} has undertaken a variety of sports and community service activities and has managed {his/her} time really well around all activities. {He/She} is a very organised student.
  19. {student name} is very specific about the type of activities {he/she} likes to engage in and performs very well in whatever {he/she} chooses. {He/She} knows {his/her} interests but I would encourage {him/her} to explore.
  20. {student name} is a very fun loving student, participates in activities where there are more casual interactions like theatre and community service. I believe taking up a sport activity would be a great addition to their bundle of activities.

20 Organisation Skills Report Card Comments for Average students

  1. {student name} is very well organised in class with her assignments and coursework while slightly lagging behind in completing {his/her} practical projects in the lab. {He/She} could benefit from spending more time in the lab to complete the projects.
  2. {student name} is generally organised in her thoughts and efforts but finds it difficult to get back on track after the school holidays. Forming a routine at home could be a good way to get more organised.
  3. {student name} frequently up-to-date on her project work and assignments but loses touch with whatever topics {he/she} missed. It would be a good idea to revisit missed out topics during holidays and weekends.
  4. {student name} is quite well organised with her academic as well as extracurricular coursework while being engaged in multiple activities. That is commendable!
  5. {student name} is able to balance her time between academic and extracurricular activities. {He/She} makes use of their free time in revising difficult topics. Very sincere and well organised student.
  6. {student name} often finds free time after completing all the assignments but in some cases takes time off sports to finish {his/her} homework. Sports are necessary, and therefore, I suggest being a little more careful in time management.
  7. {student name} is a well organised student. {He/She is never in a hurry to rush through things in order to complete tasks which assures me that {he/she} has found a perfect balance between work and play.
  8. {student name} is rarely late to class or misses a class, almost always has their assignments completed even if they didn’t do much research on their assignments. I suggest taking more time in researching than finishing on time. Overall organisation is good.
  9. {student name} displays a well balanced routine at school. {He/She} attends all classes and is a regular at extracurricular activities. Seems to be managing their time well.
  10. {student name} puts more effort on subjects and activities of choice while cutting time from those activities and projects that may not be very enticing. Generally, completes assignments on time but could prioritise better.
  11. {student name} is more focused on academic coursework and never misses a class or doing an assignment but the same isn’t very true in case of sports activities. I encourage {him/her} to explore more to find {his/her} interests in sports.
  12. {student name} loves sports and is an active participant, never misses practice. Often complex academic coursework on time but could do better with some time management between sports and academic projects.
  13. {student name} is a sincere student and loves to work on certain projects of interest where she often performs very well. With better organisation she could do the same on all her assignments. Hard working student.
  14. {student name} spends a lot of time on community service as it interests {him/her} a lot. Generally, finishes assignments but often experiences time crunch. Needs to balance {his/her} time between community service and school work.
  15. {student name} is a good sport, always completes important tasks first, understands the value of prioritisation but can gain tremendously from more detailed study of subjects of interest.
  16. {student name} is a good observer and is attentive in class and sails through lessons in almost every subject but often forgets to finish {his/her} homework. {He/She} is talented and will do so much better with a little extra effort on being organised.
  17. {student name} sets achievable goals for individual and group projects and leads them with efficiency. A good team player. {He/She} could find some time for participating in co curricular activities with better time management.
  18. {student name} participates in a plethora of activities and does justice to some of them that interests {him/her} the most. I encourage {him/her} to free some of their time to complete coursework.
  19. {student name} shows a good number of diverse activities in which {he/she} participates while keeping {his/her} homework complete in a timely manner. Good organisation.
  20. {student name} takes initiatives in class for learning new things, is generally involved in a lot of activities both academic and cocurricular. Manages to keep up with all that {he/she} is involved in. A hard worker!

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