42 Math Report Card Comments Examples and Template for Teachers

Preparing report cards for your math students? Let’s help you skip the most frustrating part with these math report card comment examples and templates.

You can use these comments to effortlessly write comments in minutes and save hours.

42 Math Report Card Comments

End of the Year Math Report Card Comments

  1. {year} has been great overall for {student’s name}. {he/she} has developed great study habits that have resulted in a significant improvement in her {math topic} this year.
  2. {student’s name} has shown a significant improvement in {math topic} this year. Please continue working on {math topic} over this summer to improve your skills.
  3. {he/she} will benefit greatly from reading the following math books this summer: {name of the books}.
  4. To improve {student’s name}’s math skills, {he/she} must improve {his/her} {math skill 1} and {math skill 2}.
  5. It was great to have {student’s name} in my math class this year.
  6. {student’s name} is a hard-working student. I have seen {his/her}progress this year in {mathematical topic} and it is impressive to see the progress {he/she} made.
  7. {student’s name} needs to improve on {mathematical topic 1} and {mathematical topic 2} this year if {he/she} wants to succeed in the {e.g. eighth} grade.
  8. {student’s name} should continue working on {mathematical topic} exercises this summer to improve his performance next year.
  9. While I didn’t get to know {student’s name} very well, I can certainly tell {he/she}’s a very bright student and has an excellent grasp of {mathematical topic}.

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Math Report Card Comments for Struggling Students

  1. {student’s name} struggles with completing {his/her} math homework in a timely manner.
  2. {student’s name} is having a difficult time with {mathematical topic}. Practicing {mathematical topic} more would help {student’s name} overcome it.
  3. {student’s name} would benefit from {mathematical} exercise everyday.

Geometry Math Report Card Comments

Geometrical Concepts Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name}has a good understanding of geometrical concepts.
  2. {student’s name}has a poor understanding of geometrical concepts.
  3. {student’s name}has an excellent understanding of geometrical concepts.

Triangle - Geometry Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name} struggles with the understanding of obtuse, acute, and right triangles.
  2. {student’s name} has a good understanding of obtuse, acute, and right triangles.
  3. {student’s name} has an excellent understanding of obtuse, acute, and right triangles.

Geometry Skill Level Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name} has a good understanding of {geometry skill(s)} and has an excellent understanding of various geometry concepts.
  2. {student’s name} has a good understanding of {geometry skill}, however {he/she} needs to improve upon {geometry skill 2} and {geometry skill 3}.
  3. {student’s name} has a very poor understanding of {geometry skills(s)} and should do {revision/exercises/etc} on a {daily/weekly} basis.

Area and Volume - Geometry Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. When it comes to the perimeter, surface area, and volume - {student’s name} struggles to understand them.
  2. {student’s name}has a good understanding of perimeter, surface area, and volume.
  3. When it comes to perimeter, surface area and volume - {student’s name} understands {perimeter/surface area/volume}, but struggles to understand and calculate {perimeter/surface area/volume}.

Shapes - Geometry Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name} can differentiate between various shapes perfectly.
  2. {student’s name} can differentiate between some shapes, but not all. {he/she} needs to address it to reach a good level of understanding of geometric shapes.
  3. {student’s name} struggles with identifying geometric shapes and needs to work hard on it.

Application of Geometric Concepts - Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name} understands basic geometric concepts and can apply them very well to solve mathematical problems.
  2. While {student’s name} understands basic geometric concepts, {he/she} finds it difficult to solve mathematical problems focused around certain geometric concepts.
  3. {student’s name}struggles with understanding basic geometric concepts. {he/she} needs to work hard to understand {geometric concept(s)} in order to solve mathematical problems around these concepts.

Advanced Geometry - Math Report Card Comment Templates

  1. {student’s name} is excellent at learning advanced geometry concepts like {advanced geometry topic}.
  2. {student’s name} shows interest in learning advanced geometry concepts. I would recommend {book/course/class} for {student’s name} to learn these advanced concepts better.

General Math Report Card Comments

  1. {student’s name} pays attention to math, but is facing difficulty with understanding {math topic 1}, {math topic 2} and {math topic 3}.
  2. {student’s name} is struggling with math. I recommend that {he/she} improves {topic 1}, {topic 2} and {topic 3} by {studying/practicing} {suggestion 1} and {suggestion 2}.
  3. {student’s name} understands all mathematical concepts taught in class very well. {he/she} can communicate his understanding of these topics very well. {student’s name} also helps {his/her} peers when they hit roadblocks.
  4. {student’s name} when put {his/her} efforts delivers better results and learns more effectively. {student’s name} needs to be encouraged routinely so that {he/she} can put more effort into learning math with confidence.
  5. {student’s name} faces issues with concentrating when in class and as a result will face issues in learning advanced mathematical concepts in other grades.
  6. {student’s name} is often distracted during math class and never finishes their homework. It will be difficult for {him/her} to improve as we move towards harder mathematical topics like {topic 1} and {topic 2}.
  7. {student’s name} is attentive and learns well during math class. However, {he/she} isn’t practicing their math skills before the math tests which is reflected in lower grades. Starting practicing these questions a week or two before the math test will help {student’s name} get better grades.
  8. {student’s name} is facing issues with the following mathematical topics: {add topics here}. I would recommend you make sure that {he/she}works on their assignments to overcome these. Additionally, I will send out new monthly math assignments for students around {mathematical topic}, I would suggest that {student’s name} finish them a week before the math test too.
  9. {student’s name} has done a great job of understanding math concepts, math problem solving, and communication. I would recommend that {he/she} put a bit more effort into practicing more {mathematical topic} problems.
  10. {student’s name} has improved their math skills considerably. To improve {his/her} test scores in math, {he/she} needs to improve calculation speed.

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